How am I feeling?


I did this exercise for a week and I found it beneficial for me and a great helper of awareness. In the beginning it felt a bit weird to set up an alarm clock for meditation but later on I realised that it is a great devise as it stops me from any activity or thought ride for a few moments in order to focus within.

I feel like my own best friend asking me “how am I feeling” with genuine care and interest.I can see the thoughts and feelings detached from them without judging, I can see what is occupying my inner space. It is a great opportunity to check my body as well, realise that my eyes hurt from many hours of screen time, or that my back and neck hurts so I can help them with moving.

A week after I started the lesson and the specific task I had to move from my home in the country side to the city. I got seriously stressed and I abandoned my goals and my exercise, my yoga practice for about a week. Now I am in a new place, try to find a new pace and return to my goals.

I intent to continue do the “how am I feeling” exercise for some more…it is really helpful!


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