I set the goal to keep my yoga practice alive every day even if it is just for half an hour.

I was happy to follow the goal for more than a week and the then a stress wave made its heavy appearance and I stopped practicing for 4 days in the row always promising to return later on.In the meanwhile I was continuously eating, being in front of the screen for many hours and careless with myself. I stopped following the lesson and the exercise, I was feeling guilt and procrastinating endlessly.

I was indeed stressed while I am waiting for some big results concerning my health, while I was preparing to leave my comfortable nest in the country side to go to live in the city for the winter facing economical challenges and without a work.

Now I am here in the city, settling down in a new environment. I feel my power return, today I enjoyed practicing asanas and pranayama, came back to the Mooc and meditation.


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